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Saying Goodbye To Our Best Friend Is Never Easy

The bond we have with our pets transcends words; it’s a connection woven from shared moments, unconditional love, and unwavering loyalty. When that bond is broken through the death of our pet, the grief that follows can be overwhelming and consuming. Unfortunately, other people may not always understand the depth of pain we are in. 

A Safe Space To Grieve The Pet We Loved So Much

Pets occupy a special place in our lives – they’re our confidants, our playmates, and our silent companions through all the ups and downs life throws at us. When our pet dies, the void they leave behind is palpable. Grief can take hold and the profound loss we experience can feel overwhelming.

At EMJ Counselling, I offer pet bereavement counselling to provide a safe and supportive space for you to express your grief without judgement. It’s a space where you can talk about the memories you have of your pet, and express the pain you are experiencing from the void your pet has left in your life.

Through the counselling process you are encouraged to honour your pet’s memory in meaningful ways, individual to you. No grief journey is the same, and I make sure that your own journey is honoured and acknowledged. Through the support that counselling offers, I let you use the time in the way you need to and am here with you as you journey through your grief. I understand the depth of the human-animal bond and recognise that grieving for your pet is a legitimate and profound experience.

Need Support? I'm Here To Help.

If you have lost your beloved pet and feel some extra support is needed, please reach out to me to book an appointment by clicking the “book now” button at the top of the page. 

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