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Marriage Counselling in Albury Wodonga

EMJ Counselling offers caring and effective marriage counselling in the Albury Wodonga region,

helping couples achieve healthier, more satisfying, and thriving relationships. I provide

professional, practical, and supportive couples counselling for those who want to address issues in their relationship.

Why Consider a Marriage Counsellor?

Often in relationships, couples forget how to communicate and support each other. As a couples counsellor, my primary goal is to help couples restore and retain happiness within their relationships. I do this by helping identify ongoing issues and creating a safe, objective space for these issues to be discussed and learn to resolve conflict together.

Reignite Your Spark With Couples Counselling

As a couples and marriage counsellor, I care about the well-being of your relationship. With my guidance, you can explore your relationship’s challenges and learn more effective ways of managing conflict, all in a safe and confidential environment. Whether working through a breakdown in communication, boundary setting, or intimacy issues, relationship counselling can help reignite the spark you share with your partner.​

What to Expect From My Relationship Counselling in the Albury Wodonga Region

While familiar with the common themes and patterns inherent in relationship challenges, I

understand that every couple is different, with unique backgrounds, issues, and needs. That’s why I listen first, then design personalised therapy goals and approaches with you. My confidential and private setting allows couples to explore what they truly need in a relationship and how to achieve those goals together.

I use several client-centered therapeutic approaches including:

  • Talk therapy

  • Mindfulness

  • Conflict resolution

  • Solution-focused therapy

  • Strength-based approach

  • Experiential exercises such as role-play

Enjoy More Fulfilment With Marriage Counselling in Wodonga

Counselling allows couples to create a more loving and enduring relationship, one that’s built on a solid foundation and a sincere appreciation of each other. If you’re experiencing ongoing conflict in your relationship, please reach out today — I am committed to helping you on your journey to relationship renewal and increased companionship and joy.

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