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Services & Fees

Couple's Shadow

Couples Counselling

Learning how to effectively communicate with your partner can often be the most challenging obstacle in creating and maintaining a happy relationship. EMJ Counselling provides the space to be able to talk to each other and know that you will both be heard and understood. EMJ Counselling provides the support to learn how to deal with conflict, engage in meaningful communication and resolve past and ongoing issues.

Sessions run for 65 mins and are $150 per appointment.

Psychology Appointment

Individual Counselling

Sometimes all we need is someone who will actively listen and provide supportive guidance. Using a client-led approach and integrative and holistic therapy, EMJ Counselling provides the support to help you navigate your way through the extra challenging times in life.

Sessions run for 50 mins and are $120 per appointment.


Family Counselling

In this modern world it can be hard to connect with those we care the most about. EMJ Counselling offers support for families who are disengaged, caught in conflict and need help reconnecting and resolving past and ongoing issues. Family counselling provides the space for everyone to speak, feel heard and learn how to communicate more effectively in the home environment. 

Sessions run for 65 mins and are $150 per appointment.

Services & Fees: Services

Individual counselling runs for 50 minutes and is $120 per session.

Couple's and family counselling runs for 65 minutes and are $150 per session. 

Payment is required in full at the time of appointment. Payment can be made via cash, card or direct bank transfer.

Cancellation charges will incur if appointments are missed or cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment. 

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