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My Approach

Providing support through difficult times

At EMJ Counselling I recognise that every person is unique and you are treated as an individual. Therapy is tailored to your needs because there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” counselling approach.

A number of theoretical approaches and interventions are integrated into the counselling session. These include attachment theory, solution-focused therapy, conflict resolution, client-centred approach, cognitive behavioural therapy, strength-based approach, and mindfulness-based counselling.

I believe it is key for you to feel in control of your own therapy and you will be encouraged to set goals and be proactive in your therapy sessions. My role is to guide and support you in finding your own unique way through life to create the change you are seeking.

Sessions are led in a manner that fosters a relationship of trust, respect and acceptance to best achieve the goals you set. The focus of therapy is to empower you with the tools needed to be your own agent of long-lasting change.

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