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Counselling for a Healthier & Happier Family

When life throws challenges your family’s way, counselling can be a valuable way to strengthen and repair relationships. I offer family counselling in the Albury Wodonga region to help facilitate better communication between parents, children, spouses, and extended family.

When to Seek Help From a Family Counsellor

Family counselling can help you address problems between family members and aid in the prevention of further conflict. In an age where blended families are the norm, so too come rising challenges. A family is an intertwined system, so when one member faces challenges, you may find others affected in the household.

There are many benefits of seeking family counselling services, some of which include:

  • Repairing relationships between siblings

  • Navigating the challenges of blended families

  • Learning to express emotions in a healthy way

  • Supporting parents in implementing boundaries at home

  • Helping families cope with death, loss, or major change

  • Improving dysfunctional behaviour in children

Family on a walk

What Happens During a Family Counselling Session?

At EMJ Counselling, my family counselling sessions typically last between 75-90 minutes. During this time, we will engage in group talk therapy that encourages everyone to share their concerns. Each person will be given an opportunity to speak without interruption or judgment as we centre our session around understanding and improving communication.

When everyone has felt heard, we move on to develop a plan to manage future conflicts. You’ll learn practical skills to use in everyday life, such as problem-solving, open communication, and boundary-setting. Each family member will be given the space to explore ways to improve connection and build on methods to enjoy family time together.

I understand that every family is different, and will tailor your sessions to suit your own family’s unique and individual needs.

Work With a Family Counsellor in Wodonga

I am a family counsellor, working with families in all stages of their journey. Together, we can

unpack the problems you are experiencing in a safe and constructive way and learn better ways to manage future challenges.

At EMJ Counselling, I offer compassionate family counselling services to help people reconnect and build stronger bonds with loved ones. You don’t need a referral to start your journey to a healthy family dynamic — simply chat with me about your needs and set up your first session to get started. I look forward to supporting you.

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